Accessories: Neutron Neutrlizer ,Laser Phaser ,Unearthly Utility Belt

Birthplace: Homeworlds of Dimension X

Height: 2'6" (in Dimension X)/ 8'9" (here on Earth)

Favorite Snack: Candy-coated Rat Heads

Weight: 450 lbs. (with pants on)

Favorite Expression: Grrrrr!

Triceraton is a simple beast, who wants nothing more than to eat rats and destroy Turtles. Ever since our three-fingered green guys visited his homeworld in Dimension X, Triceraton hasn't gotten his beauty sleep-and boy-oh-boy does it show. This ugly cold-blooded creature uses the full capacity of his walnut-sized brain to seek out and destroy all Turtles! And Triceraton would rather shoot first, since he can't ask intelligent questions later. His Laser Phaser and Neutron Neutralizer come in handy while chasing the Turtles from the sewers to the streets. Often employed by the Foot Clan as an Advance Attack Alien, Triceraton comes equipped with Platinum-plated Chest Armor, three-count 'em-three razor-sharp horns and a spiny, slashing tail. And check out those rascally rodents on his detachable utility belt-just in case Triceraton needs a quick-energy rat snack.