A List of Action Figures based on characters from the 1987 Series,The Secet of the Ooze and 1990 Ninja Turtles movie.


  • Action Figures released in 1988 that are standard are April O'Neil,Bebop,Donatello,Foot Solider,Leonardo,Michelangelo,Raphael,Rocksteady,Shredder and Splinter.


  • Standard action figures released in 1989 include: Ace Duck,Baxter Stockman,Casey Jones,General Traag,Genghis Frog,Krang,Metalhead,Rat King,Usagi Yojimbo
  • Wacky Action Figures include: Breakfightin' Raphael,Rock n' Roll Michaelangelo,Sewer Swimin' Donatello and Wacky Walkin' Mouser


  • Wacky Action Figures released in 1990 are: Creepy Crawlin' Splinter,Slice and Dice Shredder and Sword Slicin' Leonardo
  • Giant Turtles released in 1990 include: Giant Turtles Leo,Giant Turtles Mike,Giant Turtles Raph and Giant Turtles Don
  • Turtles with Storage Shells in 1990 include: Don with Storage Shell
  • Turtles with costumes in 1990 include: Don the Undercover,Leo the Sewer Samurai,Mike the Sewer Surfer and Raph the Space Cadet
  • Standard action figures released in 1990 include: Fugitoid,Killer Bee,Muckman and Joey Eyeballs,Mutagen Man,Napoleon Bonafrog,Needlenose,Panda Khan,Pizza Face,Ray Fillet,Scumbug,Slash,Triceraton,Wingnut and Screwloose